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CEORyPul s Over the past 27 years Warren has been developing his skills, knowledge and expertise in the area of Military Operations, Law Enforcement Tactics and International Security Contracting and Consulting. the past 27 years Warren has been developing his skills, knowledge and expertise in the area of Military Operations, Law Enforcement Tactics and International Security Contracting and Consulting. Warren began his career in law enforcement, threat assessments and protective security fields while "buy cheap jintropin online" a member of the Air Force. Air Force Warren performed law enforcement, protective and security functions all over the world. Air "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" Forces nuclear facilities, weapons storage areas, aircraft "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" and pilots, Warren also operated as a driver, gunner and supervisor for movements of US government priority resources while assigned as a security policeman. Warren was also a member and supervisor of several USAF emergency services teams, these teams provided local military installations with expert response forces that could handle a multitude of high risk security operations as required by a base or wing commander. Air Force Installations around the world to include locations in Korea and the Philippines.

After leaving the Air Force, Warren began his career as a Los Angeles Police Officer in the Southeast Area Patrol Division of LAPD. From there Warren worked in the Rampart Area Patrol Division, Southeast Area Traffic Division, Southeast Area Vice Unit and the Southeast Area Community Relations Section. During his 12 years with the LAPD Warren made well over 500 arrest for felony and Deca Durabolin C'Est Quoi misdemeanor violations of the law, Warren was also very active in gang enforcement activities in each division that he was assigned as well as highly proactive in drug interdiction and arrest at the street level. Warren received specialized training in undercover surveillance work and vice investigative techniques as a member of the Southeast Area Vice unit. Warren was committed to community based policing policies set forth by the LAPD and exercised sound judgment and proactive policing skills which aiding him in placing thousands of criminals behind bars. government's diplomatic mission the Middle East. Embassy grounds, in support of the Baghdad Embassy Project. Ambassadors in Iraq, in addition Warren provided specialized support services to the diplomatic missions in the Middle East while assigned to several Emergency Service Teams, Quick Reactions Forces, Advanced Tactical Teams and movement teams throughout the Middle East. Warren has worked on multiple security contracts In the Middle East and gained the bulk of his personal protective and threat assessment experience in these real world high threat environments.

Warren has been assigned to security elements directly related to Presidential Security Event Details such as the Presidential Security Detail for President Bush Visit to March AFB, and the Dignitary Protection Detail for South Korean President Rho Tae Woo's visit to Osman Air Force Base, Korea.

Warren has received the following military and law Comprar Levitra enforcement awards and commendations: Military Education Ribbon, Small Arms Expert, National Defense Service Medal, Overseas Short Tour Ribbon, US Air Force Achievement Anavar Liver Damage Medal, "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" Good Conduct Medal, NCO Professional Ribbon, Longevity Service Award, and Outstanding Unit with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters. Several Los Angeles Police Department civilian and departmental awards and commendations. Military and civilian clients around the world. Air Forces Non Commissioned Officers Development Course.

Warren through his company RyPul s continues to provide his professional security training, threat assessment consulting and personal risk mitigation services to fortune 500 companies, High Visibility Personalities and private clients around the world.